Template Product settings are not getting copied to Variants

i created a Product Template with Batch No. and Automatically create Batch but the variant which was created was not having Batch option checked by default.

I had to manually active Batch for all variants .

Is it the way it should work? .Is something missing here?

In the Stock module, check Variant Settings. Ensure that Batch ID field is added, so that value is copied from template to variants.

For the existing variants, update values manually, but stock transaction is not created already for the Variant Items.

Hi umair,

Batch ID field cannot be found in that list. In Default fields added, there is only Create New Batch

This issue gets worse when we have multiple uoms to a product. I cannot copy the uoms to variant products

Is there a workaround ?

Add field “has_batch_no”.

UoM for the variant item will remain same as template item only. Can you please elaborate your use-case, so that we can support you better?

Im on ERPNext: v9.2.15 (master) . I couldnt find has_batch_no in item variant settings . Because of that ,what i did was a excel import of variant items and it is working fine .

But,now i need to add additional uoms to the item variants which is not working when i save template products with uoms in my instance .

Excel import is very tricky in this case .So,is there a way i could add multiple uoms to my variant items which are around 50 each for 10-15 template items .

By the way ,My item list consist of plywood sheets of various sizes and thickness

Brand A -Thickness-Area
Brand B-Thickness-Area

which will be around 50 combinations each and uoms i need are Nos,sqft,sqmtr

For the matter of fact,all these issues are not there when I tested on a latest erpnext.com instance
but Im stuck with this in my version

Still this bug is not merged to master ? Or am i missing something .

Im on erpnext 10.0.17 version