Templates are allowed in Product Bundles. But then I get stuck on Delivery Note


I just tried to add a template to a product bundle. It worked.
And then I tried to create a SO with that product bundle and it also worked.
And then I created the Delivery. But when I tried to submit it it says:

“Stock cannot exist for Item ZZZ since has variants”

If I am allowed to templates to product bundles, I was hoping that, at some point I’d have to choose a variant for each of those templates. But no. I got stuck here.

So what’s the point of let me add template items to product bundles?
Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

@nununo, open a issue! This sounds like a bug!

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Done. Issue submitted. Thanks.

Hello, was this ever resolved? I also need product bundles to allow me to use templates and select variants later.

I don’t know… I decided to stop using templates and things became much simpler since then. I opted to simplify as much as I could the process of creating an item. And it worked.

Oh nice! I’m just trying to decide if ERPNext would work for us here. Could I ask how you do variations without templates? Did you just create an item for each of your combinations? …we have almost 1.2M combinations so that won’t be an option for us sadly.

I simply gave up on variations. I ended up not finding many advantages in using templates. And the fact that our parameters must be quite flexible. What I found is that templates are not meant to be used like I was trying to use them.

Nothing wrong with the templates. They’re perfect for simpler parameters that you can control beforehand (like t-shirt size + color). But not for something so flexible as handmade lamps… where new models keep popping up with different materials and sizes and colors… the common parameters keep changing.

We have only a couple of dozens of items And we create just a few per week so this is was not a big an issue. But, with 1.2M combinations, I think you should definitely try to use them. I hope you manage to do it because ERPNext is amazing!

I hope to find a way to get it to work for us as well - I really like what I see so far. And I’m sure our business would be a great case study for ERPNext!

Thanks so much for your time and responses!

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