Temporary Opening Bug

We had entered a wrong opening balance. How can we cancel or amend the same?

@admins Can you please help out?

You can pass reversal journal entry for the same. You will have to adjust it via Journal Entry.

@Pawan @admins Thanks for the info. We started off with Fin year 2016-17 even though we started operations in 2014-15 since that year was the pripority. I remember putting Temporary opening entry for different account heads. Now when I am trying to search those entries from general ledger, I am unable to see those. This issue is only with respect to Temporary opening entries.

In the Chart of Accounts also there is such a head, when I try to view in Ledger, it only shows the bulk amounts and not the individual entries. Could you let me know why that is so?

You have clicked is opening yes while posting that entry? If yes then it will always show as single line opening balances.

To avoid that just cancel the entry and post it again by clicking is opening No

I am not able to see the entry at all now, is there anyway to search for such “is opening” entries?

Did u post through Journal entry? If yes then filter Journal entry list with is opening, u will find it

Thanks a ton Ma’am. It worked. Got all the entries. Can delete now.