Tender Management

How to create a tender management module?
-Tender open date
–Tender Close date
–Tender Submission date deadline
–Tender Description
–Tender win probability
– Attachment of the tender related documents.
–Tender bid request amount
–Tender security deposit amount

What we did is tender is a form of opportunity. So we created Opportunity Type called Tender and whenever a user makes selects the Tender, a tab will be visible with fields you listed.

thank you, could you please share the more details

We customized the Opportunity form to include the necessary fileds we use for tender purposes. The Tender Information tab appears only if the Opportunity Source field is set as Tender.

Wow super.
I understand your method. Once I’ve completed filling in the necessary details, could you please guide me on how to determine whether it’s a successful or unsuccessful bid? Additionally, if you’ve introduced any additional fields apart from the document-related field or any other tender-related field you have customised please tell me, I’d appreciate it if you could explain the entire process. Thank you.

We had done some customizations, but meant for the supplier to manage bids/tenders.

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Will include this in the app.

In our case we added bid status to track the status of bid. Submitted, won, lost … and when it’s lost we have lost reason popup to collect information about why it’s lost. Since we include our tender process inside Opportunity it’s a smiliar approach.

We also wanted to track the status of the bid bonds we submited along with the bid so we use bid bond status field for that.
Then we generate different reports regarding our tender performance based on the inputs. Additionally we set up notifications about bid closing date not to miss the bid.
We also use attachment filed on the standard Opportunities doctype to upload the submitted technical and finanacial documents.

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Yeah, this is you as the customer tendering.

Above app, we did, you as the supplier who requests for quotes/bids. And want to manage opening and closing of the same.

So, thought, it would be a good idea, to include, bits that touch on customer submitting bids. I.e. enhance opportunity as you’ve done here, just we have it all in an app.

Yeah our case is as a customer. It’s always a good approach to make it as an app instead of heavy customizations. But this one fitted our tender process for now, maybe if it needs more features we’ll separate its an app.

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