Tender types for combined payment methods

Hello Sir;

In line with our first question a few days ago regarding displaying change at POS which we now know will be available in V5; can you also consider having form fields (maybe watermarked for cleanness and less cluster) for the various tender types. About 20% of customers or more; pay for goods by combining payment methods say cash and card and the accounts departments like to give management these sales reports clearly showing what’s cash at hand at sales end and what’s in the bank as the atm pads push transactions. What we are looking at is formfields where where you can collect say 20usd cash and 30usd card total of 50usd for a sale. Any thoughts? Highly recommended addition Sirs.


Multiple payment fields not yet on the list.

If you want it sooner, you should consider engaging a freelancer to get it built.

Dear @rmehta

i agree with @noetico for having multi-mode payment option on POS since many customers pay by a combination of payment methods. (cash+card, Cash+gift Voucher, etc.)

I suggest that the team at ERPNext should have this option sooner on the POS module. Also for the card option there should be an option to feed the card no. to tally it later from the Bank Transaction statement.



@kunalgoel @noetico