Terrible First Impression: All Installation Methods Fail

I cannot post my details because it says I have more than 2 links (but I don’t).

What installation did you use? is it manual or easy install script? Why dont you use easy install script rather using docker? just my opinion. God Bless .

To avoid installation troubles, try Frappe Cloud.

The error traceback shows that it’s an error when installing MariaDB (pinned at 10.4 by default).

Try running the script again and see if was a temporary issue. @gavindsouza is it possible to check if the script is failing due to version pinning or any other reason?

Alternatively, you can use this guide to manually install the dependencies and install ERPNext.

One almost gets the sense this is an attempt to get users to buy the cloud hosted service and keep OSS as a ruse.

A few thousand threads and members over the forum are more than enough to disprove that claim. The installation can fail due to multiple reasons including an issue with the dependency and their hosting. A quick scan on the forum shows that users eventually find a way out.


Frappe is a gazillion things in one. Docker and easy script has splendidly abstracted that away, however a few rotors in this gazillion gear clock can get a bit bent on a few environments/configurations.

Contrary to general sentiment, it’s far better to use step by step manual installation in a developer configuration if you’re a first timer. Step by step installation will have many benefits

  1. Better hands-on on the connected parts
  2. Since installation is modular, rollback will also be in steps instead of entirety
  3. It’s good for a developer to know what’s inside before deploying it.

Start from local dev container: frappe_docker/README.md at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

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Per the pastebin linked, I tried Docker x 2 and Easy Script.

Thanks @kennethsequeira

That comment was flippant. I was just, frankly, aghast that a project that looks so incredibly polished, that I have been following for years, that I finally take the plunge to install is uninstallable on the current release of the world’s most popular Linux operating system (Ubuntu 20.04).

Typically, I like to try feedback where something obvious failed that needs to be fixed, but I am at a loss. I genuinely think it is important for the project to review the installation documentation and consolidate.

There are two docker guides per the pastebin. I regret, I do not have time to follow the full guide provided so my short adventure with ERPNext ends here for now.