Territory Tree vs Territory Lists

Dear All,

I am trying to use territory to restrict users access to Issues based on the territory they are related to.
After creating a territory tree like “India->Telangana-> Adilabad”, when I am trying to setup this in User Permissions, I see that it refers to Territory List & the data I have created in territory tree wouldn’t show up.
So how do we setup permissions based on Territory tree ?

I am seeing the values of territory in user permissions, maybe you can provide screen shots of the issue and version

I see that territory tree is different from territory list … Understand that values in territory list would reflect, but how do we create permission for territory tree data. … Will share screenshot once I have access to my pc

I discussed with @revant_one, and found that there was some issue in my instance leading to this, or else the functionality seems to be working fine in other instances.