Test case : cypress : not able to check a checkbox in form

Hi !!
I am trying to write test case using the all new cypress in erpnext
I am not able to click any checkbox’s in a doctype.

It would throw error

This element ‘<input.input-with-feedback>’ is not visible because its content is being clipped by one of its parent elements, which has a CSS property of overflow: ‘hidden’, ‘scroll’ or ‘auto’

for following command


Have any one got success in clicking a doctype checkbox using cypress? Please help

@netchampfaris Faris did you come across this issue? thanks

You may need to use force: true

Thanks!! @netchampfaris yes it works!

It works also for section that are not collapsed by default. Ex website section of item.

  cy.get('input[type="checkbox"][data-fieldname="include_item_in_manufacturing"]').click({ force: true })
  cy.get('input[type="checkbox"][data-fieldname="show_in_website"]').click({ force: true })