Text cut off PDF Print

Hi All,

Need some help on PDF print . When there are long text in table, text is table will be cut off when it continue to next page.

  • i can add page-break-inside:avoid to tr element but it will jump to next page if it cant fit the whole text on the first page. So at the end, at first page will only left with table header.

Any help is really appreciate.

Enable Allow page break inside tables setting in Print Settings and try again


how about if the format break the other part outside Table ?

for example i set a space for Manager signature, but since the table is quite long, the signature space break to page 2, the name of the manager is in page 2 but the space for signature still in page 1…

I have no direct experience with the ‘page break’ problem, but besides forum threads here are some workaround clues pdf - How to insert a page break in HTML so wkhtmltopdf parses it? - Stack Overflow