Text materials managing in ERPN with access rights. Don’t know how

We have to manage text materials in ERPN. Could you please advice features/modules which we can use to store our text materials with granting write/read rights for different roles? And where one can find a tutorial how to manage them?

We need this for different cases. Here are just examples to get idea behind:

  1. Having different grades in a school. We should store tutorials of learning topics related to each grade. And the students should have access to materials they are learning at the moment and all materials of courses they have finished. But we have to hide the ones they are not supposed to learn this grade and avoid their access to them;
  2. Or we have different policies and regulations for different departments. Also we have documents meant for different management levels (strategic(long-term)/tactic(short/term). Therefore to keep business-related confidential information securely we have to grant access only for the those users who need it to be able to perform their functions (only documents that related to their department, their roles, management level). For the rest we have to avoid their access to these documents.
    Thank you in advance.

For text related to policies and regulations, you could use Notes.


You can also apply permissions on the Note, may be by using Share functionality.


For making content visible based on the Grade, this feature is not available out-of-the-box. The LMS (learning management system) is on our wishlist and should be soon added into the core features of ERPNext Schools module.

For now, you can look at Note (or some other Doctype) as a work-around to manage study material and grant-access on it, using Role Permission Manager to a specific user.

Hello Umair. Thank you for your help! With that we got how to manage texts.

LMS is in your wishlist. Does it mean that you have already plans in programming LMS? Or it is a questionable option? I mean should we signal somethere (e.g. vote on Github) that LMS is very interesting and welcomed for our needs?

What is planned date of a release with LMS built-in actually?
Thank you a lot!