Text or field at end of the child table in Print Designer

In Print Designer, i have created Print Format for Quotation, when i have added total field and text at the end of the child table, Text is printing in every page (when there is multiple page due to many items) even over the child table row, it’s not printing end of table (in last page where table ends)

Print Format

First Page

Second Page

so how to set, text only print at the end of the child table

@nilpatel42 which version are you using ?

Print Designer: v1.3.3 (main)

ERPNext: v15.27.7 (version-15)
Frappe Framework: v15.30.0 (version-15)

@nilpatel42 make sure your table has height set to auto or auto ( min-height )

also, make sure that total is not inside footer.


Height is Auto

also not in footer

can you please create github issue and share your format so i can debug this.

I have created issue in github