Thank you ERPNext & Frappe Team for Conference 2017! (128 Photos)

Dear Community,

I want to thank @rmehta and all Conference Team including @ManasSolanki for hosting a great event. :clap::pray:

It’s a first time for me, first time to India too. Great people, great food and great time to learn.

Plus the “surprise chaos” on 2nd day :grin: but happy ending on 3rd day :pray:. It’s the real Bazaar as Alain @Tropicalrambler said.

Totally great fun!

Please find the 128 photos from my personal collection that cover the 3 days of awesome conference & meeting new friends, please feel free to download & put it in social media and tag yourself and friends. And there are many slides of the presentations too.

Hope you find it useful.

Greetings from Indonesia :indonesia:

Thomas Lie
PT. Antusias Teknologi Mandiri


Thomas, Thanks for the great pictures! It was great meeting you and your wife!

We’ll keep in touch!


Thanks @tlie for making the event a success with your presence, Hope you will enjoy your vacation in India. Please let me know if need any help.

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You are welcome @Tropicalrambler. Vice versa, nice to meet you and to hear your presentation. Funny how I can relate to you regarding the fight with father in the past, same similar story with me :blush: .

Just for fun, attaching a photo of us in Taj Mahal, we deliberately bring shirts of ERPNext on top of our clothing. We were not allowed by the tour guide initially, because no promotion is allowed in the premises.

But we said this is not promotion, it is a souvenir from the conference. And because the software is born in India, it’d be fun to take a photo at the icon of India. So we had to find a secret spot that the guide helped to find :grin:

For the love of ERPNext in the city of love, haha :grinning: thanks to @rmehta & team who created the awesome product :clap:


Noted @ManasSolanki. You and many Frappe team have been a great help. Great hospitality from you all :clap: thank you.

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