Thank you ERPNext


I wanted to share the development of the website I have been working on. Thanks to ERPNext team for building such a great tool which is so elaborate yet so simple.

I have been able to create a product website for my company in less than a weeks time with absolutely no knowledge of web development. Though its far from complete, I would like to share it with the group.

Though I still have plenty to learn myself, I would be happy to guide any one who is just starting.

Please do check out the website

Once again thanks to the ERPNext team for such great work.

  • Raghu


Awesome, within one week.
Nice and clear.

How to include the slide share with more pictures of the products?
If you upload more than one picture it will be converted to slide?

Well done!


Create slideshow in ->website->Website Slideshow

Add/link the slideshow in item->website

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Got it.
Thank you!

Wow. Within one week with no prior web knowledge is amazing. It looks great and of course you have a full featured ERP system behind it. Well done. The ERPNext on boarding team need congratulating as well.


It’s amazing and that too you have achieved this quality is a great achievement. I congratulate you and the team ERPNext who had produced such a wonderful framework.

There are few things you can consider to improve;

  1. Use better quality sharp pictures
  2. Use different background that suits your logo and get opinion from friends to know the impact

All the best.

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Thank you for the inputs @sathya2000

Though I have uploaded good resolution images, the Icon image is auto saved by ERPNext with lower resolution. I haven’t yet figured out how to change the default setting for that. Right now I have plans to overwrite the images in the public folder with high resolution images, but that’s a make shift arrangement.

I would like to know if anyone has an any solution to avoid low resolution icon images.

Main page and color combinations are just a trial, I am yet to work on it.

Thanks again for the inputs.

To speed up front page load time dramatically:
The carousel is set to display images at a maximum width of 861 px. Some images are wider.
Make all these images 860px wide save as .jpg @ 80 % quality.
Personally like the colours.

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Hello Raghuzor,

I would suggest you to write a few tutorials on what you have achieved and how.

This will benefit the community as a whole instead of answering single question of others.


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Yes, erpnext is very handy and useful for mine also. I am not a great developer but erpnext is too smooth to move on. And of course some advance tutorials could have been better.

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