The Best Resources for Learning Frappeframework

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I couldn’t understood the frappe course on Youtube and the documentation and i really really in love with Frappeframework, I am an Odoo developer but after seeing frappeframework i start learning frappe so where i can find someone I mean Frappe developer that could teach me this framework so i can pay him.

How about you start here?

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I just want to know when i use the js file and when i use the python file, so can you explain to me pls.

JS files run clientside (browser) and you can use that to customise behaviour of the webpages and forms.

Python files run serverside and you use this to extract data from database, manipulate that data and send it to the browser with APIs etc.

Your UI behaviour is controlled from js and business logic is written in python.

Frappe works like any other web framework with client-side and server-side logic separated.

Pls note that the JS is written in Jquery, so familiarity with that library is compulsory.


thanks that helped me, but what’s the best way to learn the framework i mean in Odoo for example there’s a full documentation about building module and i feel this documentation didn’t help me, but i but i really really want to learn it so can you please tell me the best way to learn it.

There is a tutorial to understand how to use the framework:

Maybe this will help you…