The data change how? and who?

the data of field “customer series” change to ZERO why?
and how?

the field is mandatory

before week i took export of data the values were found but today ZERO
just of first day change to zero

Since it’s an Integer field type, if you set it as such, it will automatically default to zero.

but i enter data

and take backup when i restore the backup i found the data

i think the change happened after i install the custom app

Please verify the name of the field in the old database. If it doesn’t match the field in the old database, it’ll set it to 0 by default. Try entering the data manually and see if it works.

and also i gave employee permission to create customer after i install my custom app the permission of create the customer remove from him ??

I’m not sure what your situation is, but it doesn’t seem to be about permissions. Here’s a simple suggestion: try creating a new record and check it.

Thank You!

custom_customer_series in current database
custom_customer_series in backup
the same

If you’re using an older database either on-site or elsewhere, use this command:

bench --site sitename mariadb

Then, run this SQL query:

SELECT custom_customer_series from `tabCustomer`;

Check the output. Note that this will only work on the older database. If you try it on the new database, it will show all values as 0 because you mentioned that all values are 0 in the new database. However, you can still try it on both databases.

all values as 0
for first day just in new database

for first day before one week

could you explain the matter?
the data is mandatory so could not be zero
also no one edited it??

this for one of them

Data is already there, but some entries show zero because users haven’t inputted the data yet. The data has been successfully restored, but users haven’t provided input for those entries otherwise changed the values.

Thank You!

the current database

the data found before one week as in you see in excel
any way
thanks a lot…

i knew the reason
when i change the Customer Naming By in selling setting to auto name
the values change to ZERO