The field given in the table as a autosuggest is not working

When giving the autosuggest field in the normal form is working correct, but giving the fields inside the table is not working as autosuggest.

Check your js console for an error trace.

HI Thanks For your Reply. i have got the following response from js.

{“message”:{“open_count_doctype”:{“Time Log”:0,“Time Log Batch”:0,“Lead”:0,“Material Request”:0,“BOM”
:0,“Journal Voucher”:0,“Purchase Receipt”:0,“Job Applicant”:0,“Purchase Invoice”:0,“Stock Entry”:0,“Quotation”
:0,“Production Order”:0,“Task”:0,“Support Ticket”:0,“Purchase Order”:0,“Contact”:0,“Expense Claim”:0
,“Leave Application”:0,“Customer Issue”:0,“Opportunity”:0,“Delivery Note”:0,“Sales Invoice”:0,“Sales
Order”:0},“open_count_module”:{“Calendar”:0,“Messages”:0,“To Do”:0}}}

I am Receiving the values automatically out side the table but inside the table i am not getting the values automatically.

This is just automatic notification update (ignore this)

Look for the trace / request when you try to trigger the autosuggest?

Hi Thanks for your reply, i have used this option for triggering the auto suggest.

I dont know whether my reply suits your question.

In options you have to set the DocType name. like Brand (?)

Hi i have used the same but i didn’t get any response in form.

Hi Please help me in completing the above error. i did not able to get this auto suggest.

Also In the BOM Master for the new BOM item with out giving the BOM NUMBER when give submit it did not save and shows the bom number is need for manufacturing item.

But i no need that product to be manufacture i need only Bill For that Material. How to complete this.

Can’t understand your problem without having a look at it. maybe you can engage a freelancer to help you.