The link is not giving the arrow when selecting the field


Starting from version 11.1.40 and I am facing the problem that all the fields that are configured link, when selecting it, it is not giving the arrow that direct us to the document of that link.

Example: in Sales Invoice, select customer, the arrow that take me to the document of that customer is not appearing.

Below is the image to explain:


The fix has been merged:


It has been merged since v11.1.38, but in v11.1.42 it is still a problem, as I am not sure if the hotfix was merged to the release.

I’m using Frappe Framework v11.1.38:

What you’re referring to is likely the ERPNext version.

Maybe because you are syncing the hotfix branch as well. I don’t know yet how to do it as I am only having master branch downloaded.

Nah, I’m using the master branch. The following release (for master branch) shows the issue was fixed in it:


Still the problem is existed but in another way:
Now if the field is link, and if I need to create new element (new customer, new item, … etc), so if I putted the mouse on create new customer and I did right click on the mouse, then it does not give option to create on new page, it disappear.

I think it is bug, right?
Below picture is to declare:


Can’t say with surety that this is a bug. I’m not 100% sure if the link options are supposed to act as hyperlinks in the dropdown. You can see the same behaviour in the search bar, the options cannot be opened in a new tab.