The membership fees & what is the right amount?

First of all, let me apologise to those who will find this controversial
Sorry :slight_smile:

But it is an important question. What did the $200 I spend on membership bring me as value in 2017-2018?

  1. First of all, my business website is not even listed. So I did not get business from listing
  2. I did get quite a few spam emails asking me for prices // people fishing for a price list

But, as I go through reading a lot of topics on the discussion forum, I have learnt everything from manufacturing module, CRM, accounting …the list is endlessly long. The value I have created for myself has been immense. But that is also because I spend time reading/thinking about things.

So plenty of Learning… (1)

On top, the FREE software is powering 4 businesses of my family/friends, solved some productivity issues and given all of them (and me) a renewed sense of “Hope in the Future”.

So plenty of Hope…(2)

Now combine the above (1) + (2) = Happiness.

So dear community members, what is $200/- if you can get plenty of Learning, plenty of Hope in the future and gives you Joy and Happiness in everyday life?

  1. Isn’t it a very very small price compared to so many things?
  2. Isn’t it worth to pay to sustain it? To grow it?
  3. And wont it be our legacy to the future generation to pay it forward?

Therefore, my plea to all that are reading:

Firstly, could the people who HAVEN’T become paid members, pls. pay and sign up?
Secondly, could those that ARE paying member reflect & revalue and say, whether $500/ yr. is too much?

So I am going to hashtag it.
#NurtureTheFoundation #NurtureTheCommunity #NurtureYourBusiness #MakeIt500