The resource you are looking for is not available in payroll


I am having problem accessing “Salary Component” page. When I tried to access it, it says “Page salary-component not found …The resource you are looking for is not available”

Screenshot is attached. All the other payroll features are working without any problem.

Can you please help me with this?

Thank you

Where is the screenshot? :sweat_smile:

If the Salary Component is missing, it might be causing this problem. If it’s deleted, you can find it in the Deleted Document section and restore it from there.

Thank You!


Thank you for our reply. I forgot to attach you the screenshot :grinning:

I found 4 Salary Components in the deleted document section and tried to restore them. The problem is when i try to restore it I am getting the error " Salary Component Basic already exists"

Anything i can do?

If already exists then don’t restore it, if missing then restore them.

Thank you for your reply. So how can i solve this problem?

when i try to add Payroll Entry it shows this error

“Traceback with variables (most recent call last):
File “apps/hrms/hrms/payroll/doctype/payroll_entry/”, line 1473, in submit_salary_slips_for_employees
payroll_entry = <PayrollEntry: HR-PRUN-2024-00003 docstatus=1>”

Please check the error log as there seems to be a configuration issue.