The system for building ERPNext VMs is now Open Source!

Instructions on how to use are right in the README. Let me know if you face any issues.

Contributions would be highly appreciated!



I was looking through the README and it says to download the base.ova file.
The link seems to be broken.

Where can I get the base.ova file?


A search turns up this:

An OVA (open virtual appliance/archive) is a tar archive, containing an .ovf and .vmdk files, respectively the VM configuration and disks.

What might work is just download a ready-made .ova then rename it - quite possibly packer can work with the existing .ovf and .vmdk files?

If that fails some VB docs likely will tell what to create or download for eg a ‘barebones’ Ubuntu, CentOS etc OS appliance. My experience is this is a bit of chicken and egg alchemy to do with ‘disk images’

I am not familiar with VirtualBox but instead libvirt and KVM.

Yeah, it’s the base-image from which the VBox image is created. @saurabh6790 is the VirtualBox image still supported / updated?

If the base-image (base.ova) does not exists, I think the README should be updated so that I won’t give false information to anyone who is using it.