The Trouble with Pricing Rules

Hi all,

Does anybody else encounter this situation?

You have set a Pricing Rule all right, but depending on whether its a sales or a purchase transaction, you want the pricing rule to be violated: Upwards in case of Sales Transactions; Downwards in case of Purchase Transactions.

Like you could set a floor price for items and say that for Sales Transactions if the pricing is this floor price or above, no approval is needed. Similarly for purchase transactions if the pricing is this floor price or below, no approval is needed.

Let me explain with numbers, maybe it will become simpler. Let’s say Item A. I want to set the Buying price at 10 and the selling price at 15. So, if it’s sold at 15 or above it does not require any approval. If it is bought at 10 or below it does not require any approval. Sales Transactions below 15 and Purchase Transactions above 10 will need a defined approval.

Is there someway to do this with the current ERPNext code base: Ver 11 or 12. While I wouldn’t like to implement ver 13 yet, pls do let me know if something like this is supported on Ver 13.