There Is No "Margin" Tab In Quotation

Hi everyone.

In my Quotation Doctype (v14), there is no “Margin”. Is something wrong with the installation? Is there a setting I need to set up?

@Otunba You mean in Quotation Item right ?

If yes, do you have price list rate defined for item ? if price list rate is available then only margin section and fields will be visible.

Please can you guide me on how t have the price list rate defined? I have checked on my own but couldn’t get it. Thank you.

Go to the item and set the item price

I need further help please. Under Purchase Order, if I pick an item and the price is pulled, Under Quotation, a totally different price is being pulled for the same item. Under Stock > Item, no price is defined anywhere for each item although I also recall that the price I see pulled up under Purchase Order is the price I entered originally.

Where are my making mistakes?

When you create an item without defining the default price and make a sale or purchase using the item, the price in that transaction is then set as the default selling or purchase price respectively. Subsequent sales or purchase amounts will then be benchmarked against that price thus leading to the margin calculations.

To change this, search for Item Price and modify the default price for that item in the list. This becomes the standard price for that item.

Note however that an item can have multiple default sales and purchase price depending on the item price list you set in the transaction. While the default price list for buying are set in the Standard Buying and Standard Selling price lists, you can maintain multiple price lists and define different item prices depending on the price list you select while carrying out the transaction.

I have done everything suggested here, the margin isn’t still there. I don’t know what else to do. Any other suggestion please?