"There were errors" , tyring to setup image from 12 July 2017

I try to setup yesterday’s image but there are errors.

at last stage select we buy this item.

that worked for me :sweat_smile:

else you have to install a fresh ubuntu.

try until you install erpnext.
i took 10 days to install erpnext.

@rmehta Can you please take a look. Just downloaded the latest image of V8 and still having this issue.


Hi @aldoblack,
Reinstall your site.Meanwhile, did you create more than one site?

@tundebabzy I downloaded the image from this page http://build.erpnext.com/
I did not create any sire other than “erpnext.vm”

Try bench update and bench reinstall from your vm’s terminal then try setup again.

@tundebabzy It is the same error. I tried the update of 1 August 2017. Please take a look.