There's a way to recognize one Payment?

Due that currently one invoice can be paid using:

Payment Entry
Journal Entry
Payment Reconciliation

I’m wondering if there’s a way to recognize the invoice is being paid?

In Payment Entry there’s a references section where the user can allocate the amounts to invoices.
Journal Entry doesn’t have that.
At the GL level everything that has a payable and receivable is connected by party.
Maybe I don’t understand your question.


I want to do one action when the invoice is being paid.

But how can I know if the invoice is being paid if:

It can appear on:

Journal Entry (Using credit / debit notes also)
Payment Entry (Seens Okay just for reconciled payment)
When the Payment is reconciled I dont have any event that tell me that one invoice is being reconciled.

Agreed. There’s a cron job for updating, but it only runs daily, which should be an exposed setting.

I’m realizing that I’ve only pointed out a related problem as opposed to answering yours…

Perhaps adding a dynamic link to the references section of Journal Entry

@tmatteson it works for 2 cases almost, but payment reconciliation still being a mess

I may will do something like the update_invoice_status

I think that the Payment Reconcilition tool is probably ready to be updated and have some more features added. I’ll put it on the Accounts module wishlist.