There's any chance to developer in Frappe using Windows?


My question is: there’s any way to developer using windows? What’s is the best way to do that?

I don’t want to use a Virtual Machine, and need to access them via SSH to develop using Vim, Emacs etc. I need to use some IDE (like PyCharm)

So, that’s the problem: What’s the BEST way to develop using Frappe in Windows?

Other question is: With these way, more than 1 person can developer in same project?


@fellipeh try using ElementaryOS and Atom (IDE).

Might be slow to start with but you will never regret.

Edit: Even better option is ofcourse a Mac with TextMate

Hi @rmehta !

I use Mac in my personal use, but in a company I work for, the MacMini was too old, and it is, very, very slow! And they don’t want to upgrade these mac, because they change all computers to a new one… but all use Windows.

My problem is: The main projects is made using Delphi, and I start to migrate them to use Frappe… but I need to build some project in Windows… I try to virtualize on linux, but… The Windows doesn’t install… some drivers are missing… I try to virtualize in Mac, but… make MacOS terrible to use… my MacMini is not quite poor pc, it’s i5, 8GB RAM with HDD with 500GB…

So, I`m looking for something to fix “these problem” because I don’t want to move away from MacOS, but… it’s impossible to virtualize something on macos x… :frowning:

Any tips?

@fellipeh you can develop natively on a Mac!

I develop on a early 2011 MBP with 4 GB RAM :smile: