There's any kind of database migration on frappe?

There’s any kind of database migration on frappe? for example… I have on my computer some new Doctypes or changes…

I need to make these change on my server, my production server… There’s a migration, like Django migration, for these kind of use?


@fellipeh frappe uses automatic migrations!

Everytime that you run bench migrate or bench update you’re running the migrations.

The unique special kind of migration that frappe have are the patche’s that should fix unespected behaviors, or do some data standarization for the migration process.

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If you want export any kind of local change/customization and import them to another site, you need create an app and work with fixtures.
Now, if you are talking about datas, I don’t not know any other method of backing up and transfering the backup file to another machine or using data import tool

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So, if I create a 3 new fields on DocType in my developer computer… send to my production server, run bench migrate I get these 3 fields there? Works the same way if I remove any fields?

@fellipeh synce you have exported the changes to git and synced the repositories yes!