Thinking of doing a voip intergration

Just looking for input from the community about a voip system integration. I have a client that has requested it and they are currently using sipxcom. Is there any one else that has a demand for an integration such as this?

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nice idea

@woakes070048 What would be the features of such an extension? And what are the common use cases?

My client is looking for the contacts to be synced and also have it log when a call is made in erpnext.

Hi @woakes070048,
I was wondering, if there was any progress on this topic?

@Patrick.St check this out:


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If you have an ability to think about a Soft Phone as well (e.g. Calling your customers directly from CRM - ONLYOFFICE) that would be extremely helpful. For phone techs, having an ability to call from their helpdesk console, where the call could be recorded as part of their workflow would make their days far easier.

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Thanks @Mohammed_Redha and @dealproc.

I wasn’t aware of the Exotel integration (even it will not fit, as we have to use a European VoIP provider) Exotel Integration but seems to be a good starting point :slight_smile: