Third Party Application Integration with ERPNext


  1. Are there any UI controls with which we can load an iframe/jsp/php/python page where we’ll open the integrated application?
  2. Any other suggested way of integrating external python/java applications with frappe?


Can you be specific?

Can we create iframe and load content from intergreted app in iframe.
User will login into frappe.
On specific event iframe will be open.
User do specific task.
After completing task go back to Frappe.

For example.
on uplode file, User will click upload file.
iframe open for upload file.
User will select file and upload it.
file will be uploaded in other DMS app. DMS will use document id to store file.
We are planing such integration for DMS, GIS, and some php app to connect.

Also need to enable single sign on and user record.

You have complete control over the Javascript of the page via custom script. The issues that you’ll face will be same for any other cross origin iframe implementation.

As for your specific usecase, we are planning to implement a DMS Content / Document Management · Issue #3144 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub as a sponsored feature.