This Assessment Plan conflicts with error

i was trying to make assessment in my project but i always get this same error can anyone mw with this please…

even though i haven’t successfully made any assessments yet

@bkm @yashodhan @trentmu @arokia can anyone help me to find out what is wrong in this please? i cant find anything what is wrong please help me

Hi Avinash.
Sorry, but I don’t know much about the Education module.

Have you tried to see the assessment in conflict?
I think it’s related to date… Try to move one assessment to another time…
I have tested on mine and was OK.

Currently my only interaction with the education module os to keep a list of students that pass through a training course. Nothing more. So I am not much help here.


okay thanks for reply

okay no problem thanks for your reply

@Helio_Jesus i dont have any assessments already created. I tried to create but always this error comes and the assessment plan creation fails thats why. So i dont have idea if there is no present assessment then why it is conflicting

Check the student group…

I have made 2 groups but haven’t created any assessment for any group yet