This doctype has pending migrations

Hi all,

In my local development, I’ve created a Custom App, and installed in onto my site. I created some DocTypes under the new module (which is the Custom App), added some fields, modified some and deleted some.

After some changes, I kept receiving this notification on some of the DocTypes when I run bench start.

pending migrate notification

So I stopped the bench and did a migrate

But I’m still getting the notification, where it says there are pending migrations.

Based on the picture above, I’m not sure if its due to the “Queued rebuilding of search index…”.

Can someone guide me if I am missing a step or I’m completely off-track or if it is safe to ignore the notification?

Thank you.

same error

It’s safe to ignore.

Fixed here: fix: only notify for modified greater than DB by ankush · Pull Request #26070 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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Appreciate the response and the fix as well :+1:t3:

Thank you so much! :grin: