This may get printed on multiple pages - not printing on second page

I am attaching the invoice that has been raised and it says - This may get printed on multiple pages but not getting printed properly on second page.

Also, I would like to reduce the gap between the sections so that it may come in a single sheet.

Top most left side, company name and top most right side, url can be disabled from your printer dialog of your system, by disabling header and footer, it has nothing to do with ERPNext config.

Rest of the part you may need to make changes using Print Style or Print Format CSS of particular format.

Note: Creating duplicate of system generated format and then customizing it would be better than directly changing system default format.

A simple workaround would be reducing the font size (i.e. if you do not wish to create custom print formats through CSS). Go to Print Settings and reduce the font size. The default font size is 9. You can try making it 7 or 8.

Hope this helps!

I am doing that but I don’t think that should be the solution. If you say that custom CSS is required, can you please let me know that CSS .

If it is a customCSS, can you please give the code also

This is not being shown in the print dialog (suppressing footer and header) - can you please let me know where is that

Any update on the print out. As I am not getting the option of suppressing Header and footer in Print Dialog box.

Let me know if I need to do it anything differently