THis workflow is not working can any one tell the correct route to achieve this

This is the workflow i have done not working

Approved By Recommender is not there in options of status field. Please try by adding that.

NB: Why status is updating in each workflow state. If there is no dependancy you don’t need to change the value of status field.

is this correct
i have created role recommender and approver same as the leave approver

One more thing, You can’t Cancel a document from Draft status. You can bring an additional workflow state such as Pending, were using will first submit the document. Then it will go for either Approve/Reject.

is this what u r looking for please forgive me if thre is any error

Keep Initial Status as Draft

Check “Approved by Recommendor” is in Status Options… Because it’s given in “Update Value”.
I can’t find one as per your screenshot.

Also change the docstatus as “0” instead of “1” in both Approved and Rejected status.

i have chnged it like this but not working

Save 0 Employee
Draft 0 status Pending Employee
Pending 1 status Pending Recommender
Approve by Recommened 1 Recommender
Rejected by Recommened 1 Recommender
Approved 1 status Approved WSX Approvers
Rejected 2 Rejected WSX Approvers
Transition Rules
Draft Save Pending Employee
Pending Submit Approve by Recommened Recommender
Pending Reject Rejected by Recommened Recommender
Approve by Recommened Approve Approved WSX Approvers
Rejected by Recommened Approve Approved WSX Approvers
Rejected by Recommened Reject Rejected WSX Approvers
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this is how i gave the the role for employees as recommender same for wsx approver
Shubham_Prabhat1 I have corrected the workflow as you gave but itis not working @bahaou

Try once

Not working @Shubham_Prabhat1