Tickets/case mgmt like zendesk?

Hi all,

Does erpnext has such feature? I browse the forum and some posts are quite dated on this topic.

Example, someone email to and will always come into the ticket management. Upon their email, erpnext will auto reply with a ticket #1111 (running number). This will notified my customer services, escalate if necessary and close this case once it is completed.

Is this something already available? or do i have custom built or integrate with zendesk?


@ericmachine88, do you need setup an Incoming Email account in this instance, and put the target doctype as Issue!

so if i set as issue, it will come with tickets numbering, etc?

Is there any way for me to change the value of the tickets?


default is #10000

i want it to be #10100 (starts with this)

or #A1000

Something like that? Thanks.

@ericmachine88, do you can define a SERIES for the Tickets, but dont have a way by default to catalog the tickets according the given email.