Time based workflows


I am trying to create a workflow which triggers some action based on some time constraint. For example, say there is a leave application and no action has been taken on it for 10 days. Then the approver should automatically get a email for this leave application. Or the leave application’s status should to be moved to backlogs.

Couldn’t find any time constraint settings for workflows.

@neeraj_yadav This can be done by using Email Alert. Here is the link for more info. https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/setting-up/email/email-alerts

Hey Kanchan,

Email configuration is one of the actions that I want to execute after completion of time period. Other actions can be deleting a leave application or changing the status of leave application when time period is completed.

I would want to configure custom actions after completion of a time period.


Our company, GrabOnRent is in the process of integrating ERPNext. Time condition triggered workflows are pretty important for our support processes. I just wanted to check whether this is possible in ERPNext. Can you direct me to some notes/discussions on how to set up such workflows? Thanks.