Time calculation in ERPNext


I am not getting the time calculation in manufacturing time sheet. Can anyone explain this ? If, i want time difference in HH:MM formate what can i do in this ?

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Currently, there is no simple solution to do this. Open an issue on github.


may I ask what you need it in HH.MM for?
As for further calculations a decimal time is much easier to work with

Okay @spa

i need Hours and minute difference between two time in HH:MM (eg. 02:45)formate. If i choose to go go with decimal, where i have to wright code for this and example code for this will be much more helpful.

Hardik Gadesha

well that doesnt explain why you need it but anyway
you can setup a custim field called HH MM
under “Setup” “custom fields” - doctype is “Timesheet Detail”

by that you leave ERPnext logic intact and have additional desired fonction

then you could setup custom script under “Setup” “Custom Script” that converts decimal time from field “hours” to hours and minutes and insert it in your field “hh_mm” (HH MM)

I cant really help you with the exact code in Javascript but maybe @netchampfaris can help?