TIme Log Batch > Sales Invoice via "Make Sales Invoice". Any way to set the "Item" on line item?

We use Time Logs and the Time log batches as our primary method of billing out for projects. We follow the usual flow of submitting TL’s, batching them, and creating a sales invoice directly from the “Make Sales Invoice” button on the TLB doc.

When the info is transferred to the new Sales invoice though, it doesn’t include a item name, and if an item is selected, it clears the amount and rate for what the Time Log Batch sent to it

I suppose what I’d be asking is if there is a way to set an item without clearing the containing fields, -or- if there happens to be a way without modifying the server side code. (client side custom script would be manageable)

I feel like I’m missing something here if it inputs rate/amount, but item name is mandatory, yet selecting one clears the aforementioned fields.

Thanks guys.