Time Log report not visible on Adminstrator side

Hi ERPNext,
I am started using ERPNext. When I create the projects/Task on the Projects as an Administrator and assigned some tasks to my employees, I am unable to see any employee’s log sheet which they entered.

BTW, I checked that I have enough permission to read the time log as an Administrator.

Please help me to check the time log sheet.

Thanks in adv,


  1. Never use Administrator for regular usage
  2. Check if you have the latest version.
  3. Check your permission model. There might be some rule that might be blocking.


  1. I changed into Project Manager.
  2. My ERPNext version is v5.6.4 and Frappe version is v5.4.2.
  3. I checked Project Manager role and confirmed that I have all the permission for Timelog. But still facing the same issue.

Any other inputs from your side?.


Have you set User Permissions for the Project Manager?


Yes, I set the User Permissions for Project Manager. Once I diable this user permission, Now I can see the time log from the employees. However, I can not understand how this user permission works.


Check this: - YouTube