Time Log Rounding Down Employee Hours


My employees are using the calendar to enter hours. Besides the fact that the system finds an error when entering a log from 9-10, then 10-11:30 because of a time over lap, it also automatically rounds down the number of hours logged from 2.5 to 2, despite have given the hour float two decimals of precision. Why?

If I understood correctly, you are Time log inside project to maintain timesheet against task.

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Thank you Sunil.

We needed to write a code to automate a refresh when our employees received the time overlap error. When they input 10-2, then received the error and input 10:00:01-2, the hours would automatically update to 3.999 hours which was frustrating for them. Now when they input a new 10:00:01-2, it updates to 10:00:01-2:00:01. I understand why the system doesn’t allow for time overlaps, but as a company we don’t care about having our employees tasks logged to the second. We are currently trying to develop a way to override this error.

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