Time sheets based on Jobcards

I have made few production orders and job cards with operation times. I have two Items that I like to customize.

  1. Like to give user access in such a way that employee can enter only his time logs and not the others.
  2. Can multiple employees submit time on daily basis or weekly basis for the same jobcard? It appears for me, that we can submit time only by one person and that too only once to my knowledge.
  3. Can we link jobcards to employee attendance?

Appreciate help or guidance in this problem.


You could try Timesheets.

Thanks rodrigo.giacobelli.
I have checked the link given by you. I could not find any reference for the three points that I mentioned above. Please let me know if I am missing somewhere.

My intention was just to show you how timesheets are connected to each employee, just to give you some ideas but I think I didn’t understand your problem. Correct me if I am wrong.

  1. I have a question, each one of your employees have their own job card? If they have them it looks like that is just a matter of linking a employee in the job card doctype and them restricting the users in the permission list, restricting each employee by job card doctype as it automatically happens to other doctypes.

  2. I had no problem inserting more than one Timing Detail, as long as I don’t submit it.

  3. I think that job card aren’t related to HR at all. I know that timesheets are and I believe that would be easy to create the link from timesheet than from jobcards. But you could eventually customize something connecting those modules.

Did I understand what you meant?

Thank you for your reply @rodrigo.giacobelli. Your reply threw a lot of light on my problem with your right understanding.

  1. I have a group of 5 welders who can pick up a given job. May be all the 5 might share the work and complete is lesser time. My question is, can I assign a jobcard to multiple workers?
  2. Given work spans over multiple weeks. But I like workers to submit on a daily basis so that I can track the work progress on a daily basis. Do you think workers can submit jobcard on multiple basis (daily) basis for a long long duration work which would take 2-3 weeks to complete?