Time wrong in delivery note only

This time error is in the delivery note only (27 mins ago is what they should both read) Anyone know what the cause could be?

Edit: To be clear, this is in every delivery note.

Is your system setup for multiple timezones? But this does seem pretty weird.

No, everything is set to local Baltimore (US Eastern) time. In ERPNext everything is set to America/New York

Today things are showing as 14hours off instead of 9…

Your time drift might be due to your server is not set to sync with ntp?!

Date is correct and it’s reaching the NTP servers.

Unless you have other symptoms to diagnose then I am at a loss what else to suggest!

Presumably the code in question


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HA that’s it, it’s always showing midnight! Modified is a date field, not datetime.

Still happening to me randomly. It seems that sometimes the timezone is missed being sent from client to the server

Have you updated your server timezone correctly?

sudo timedatectl set-timezone {Your Time Zone}
sudo timedatectl set-ntp on

It’s correct. I think one of the Submit functions picks up the server UTC time and not the converted timezone of the user.

If the user is in a different timezone than the server, then this happens. Very much normal in a multi timezone scenario.

Some of the delivery notes will have modified datetime field with correct milliseconds and others will have just ‘000000’.

The ones with ‘000000’ are using UTC (Server time zone) and not the user time zones. Still figuring out which of the update_modified involved function is affecting it.

Hi! aakvatech,
I am also facing the same issue in delivery note.

Please share if you found the issue or a solution

Thanks & Regards

We couldn’t figure it out yet.

This problem is on Submit only and has been even in Version 13 beta 14.

This has been fixed here: