Timesheet editing after submission

I want to ask the following
When an employee of mine submits a timesheet and makes a mistake by either not checking the billable box or by entering rong data. I would like to be able to change some of the data of the submitted timesheet or be able to delete it all together.
As far as I ve seen this is not allowed. correct?

this is right and need tov be standard. You have to know, if anything has changed.
You can cancel the timesheet (e.g. also an invoice or other thinkgs which are submitted). After that you can make the changes and submit again - it is getting a new nuber (e.g. TS-00012-1) and thats it.
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ok but the thing is that even if cancelled it occupies the employees time.
so you cannot make a new timesheet in the same time which is also a problem…

Cancelled timesheets should not occupy an employees time. If that’s the case there is a bug in the system, but I haven’t had that issue.

Can you let us know the version of ERPNext you are running?

yes indeed you are correct!!!
time is not reserved.
my bad!
thank you for your time and support!