TimeSheet in Sales Invoice

Good Day Everyone.

When ever, in the Sales Invoice, I fill the Pproject field, it gives me all the timesheets that are linked to that Project.
How can I show the Dates of every row in the TimeSheet Table that are specified in the TimeSheet??

Also, is there a way that if I created a new table (or Field), it will summon the Total Amount and Total Hours to the Project??
Thank You

You can create custom fields and custom scripts to achieve this OR you can create a custom print format and try to fetch the data needed. You can look at Frappe documentation for the examples of the same.

I tried to create a new custom field to get start_date of sales invoice timesheet detail.
Doctype sales invoice timesheet contains the column timesheet_detail.
This column is the key to the doctype Timesheet Detail primary key.

In the custom field form how can I fetch value of the doctype Timesheet Detail as default value ?