Timesheet List Extra column not displaying

In the below Timesheet List trying to add extra column Total Costing Amount but it is not displaying. Other fields like Name and Hours are displaying fine.

Used the below screen to enable it under List View

Is this bug or any configuration issue ?

Guys correct me if im wrong, is there any restrictions like it will display only three extra columns ? Since if i have reduced some fields it started displaying

Yes, there are restrictions to show extra 3 columns.

But in Timesheet page it show extra Two columns only, is there any way to hide the 1st or Second columns shown in the List View (Attached early)

I think “Name” and “Status” field should always show in the list view and there is a limit of total 4 cols.

Is there any way to increase that limit via code?

You have to dig into the code (probably in list_view.js) yourself.

Are there any benefits to limiting the amount of columns? I mean at some point they will exceeded width of the screen and you’d have to scroll right in order to see anything, but maybe that’s fine.

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Or we can fix the column limits in the System level configurations

thanks for info. :+1: