TimeSheet only hours

Is there any way to use the time-sheet detail only in total hours and not to use start-end date.

I only need to know the current time used but not at level of detail 9:01-10:00 I just need to know 1 hour.


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You can just enter hours directly in the “Hrs” field and hide the From Time field using “Customize Form”

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Thank you. Unfortunately that doesn’t really work. there is a validation that you can’t book the hours starting from certain time.

That will work for one day but if you have multiple projects that complicates life.

I wish there was a way to switch off that validation.

@Pawan Thanks for your reply, is there a way to change format of FromTime ot just take date, not time.

We were planning to use, erpnext for time tracking. Because of this ended up using some time tracing tool with jira

You can create a custom doctype for your requirements in that case, in the delivered ERPNext doctype you cannot change the field type of an existing field.

@Pawan Thank you very much for your help.