Timesheet Problem v 11

After updating to v. 11 we had issues with entering timesheet.

It is not possible to enter time into cell “To Time”. After I enter time into “From Time”, for example 1.1.2019 8:00 AM, “To Time” is automatically set to 1.1.2019 0:00 and can’t be chagned. And field Hrs is changed to negative value.

Also, we are using custom naming series - but after upgrade, each TS is called {employee_name} and not as it should - however, you can see the original name in the screenshot in the last column.

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having the same issue, title displaying {employee_name}
But for newly created timesheet, it seems to display employee name without problem, the issue is with timesheets already created from v10 before update to v11,
any solution for this so far?
Now running
ERPNext: v11.1.10 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.10 (master)

Hi all,
I can confirm similar issues with the timesheet; annoyingly, a new timesheet does not have the default company linked, and neither the employee… The issue with the default company seems to apply to other documents as well… Altough, setting the to_time works fine and old timesheets (v10) are showsn correctly…

ERPNext: v11.1.9 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.8 (master)

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Did you get any answer on this problem?
Just experienced the same problem as well

Is there anyone with quick solution for this?

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yes I have a solution for you:)
I had the same problem. I don’t remember it now exactly, but it has something to do with the Title field. Please check your Customize Form for Timesheet.
I just left field Title Field Empty, I think it was employee name before.


thanks @bedo, this solved our issue