Timesheet timing is not based on workstation hours

I have my workstation hours set from 9am to 5pm (8 hours of work).
Now, I create a timesheet for a production order on that workstation. In both situation, having ‘Allow Overtime’ in manufacturing settings disabled or enabled, the timing on the timesheet is going to be back to back without considering the workstation hours.

Assume the first operation is 8 hours, and next one is 4 hours. Based on the workstation hours the first operation can be done in the first day, but the second operation should start from next day at 9am. Is there any way to automatically get this timing on a timesheet when create a timesheet for a production order?


@Homa I’m having the same problem to bro. It should calculate based on the maximum working hours per day within the time limit. Overtime is another issue to deal with. did you happen to find any possible solutions since no one has given a solution?