Timesheet with travel expenses


In a project we charge to the customer

  • Time in project (hours)
  • Travel expenses (km x 0.70)

How could we solve that with ERPNext?

May be you can create a Selling Item with Travel Expenses having the unit of kilometers, and add it to the invoice?

Yes, that is one possibility, but then you have to remember when you create the invoice, normally end of month.

It would be smarter if travel expenses could be registered with the timesheet and end of month hours and expenses would be charged to the customer in one invoice.


so what we do is the following:

We book time, in our case “IT Support” and travel distance in kilometers toward a project or task. As a controller I check every single timesheet and can see if I have to bill the travel or not.

Actuall expences are handled in ERPNext in the Modul
HP-> Expense Claim → Expense Claim
In the german translation done right, it should be “Auslagenabrechnung” instead of “Aufwandsabrechnung”.
There again you can book expenses toward a project or task.
Then, when billing your project toward a customer you have your kilometers, your hotel expences and your billed work hours.

Let me know if it works!


I booked the expenses against the project, they are now visible in the project:

If I create now a new sales invoice I could see the entries from the timesheets but no entries from the booked expenses:

Should there not be any link to the booked expenses to bill in the sales invoice?

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Yes, it would be good if there was. Just as you can “get items” from some where it should be nice if it where possible to “get expences”.

I don’t think this is implemented at the moment though.

The work around would be to have an item called e.g. “Travel Expences” and you would have to book this accordingly.

For ease of use:
We use 27" screens and mostly have to browsersto be able to have a good side-by-side comparebility.

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I have the same situation where I would like to invoice the expenses to customers, similar like adding timesheets. (PS: In odoo I can do this)
This process is very common in the service industry.