Timesheet workflow management

Hello all,

Each staff member completes a daily timesheet called an ‘Attendance Form’. I would like to create a workflow, where on submission of the form it goes to their manager for approval. Also, the employee forms need to be updated with the correct manager.

Secondly, the Attendance forms show the ‘Total worked hours’ at the bottom of the form. We do not use ERPNext for Payroll but we do use it to record attendance. The Payroll system we use needs attendance data entered as total hours and total minutes. Can we customise ERPNext attendance forms to show total hours and total minutes?

Any help would be appriciated


For the first case, you can use Workflow and Email Alerts

  1. [s]Frappe Cloud

  2. [s]Frappe Cloud

  3. https://erpnext.org/docs/user/videos/learn/workflow.html

For the second case, create custom fields in Attendance Form to show total hours and total minutes and create a custom frappe app to update values in it, which you can then pull into salary slip via your custom code.

Thanks Anand, appreciate that. Let me try how this will work for me, I’ll be in contact if in case I need any help.
thanks once again