Timestamp on meta activity (comments, update, create, etc.) is off

Hi there,

I have noted that the meta activity associated to any module’s record at the bottom all says “in 9 hours” from the time in creation. At first I thought it was an issue with the global system time and the user’s local time on the user profile, but they are both “America/Toronto” (EST). Also note, my actual computer’s local time is also set to America/Toronto EST (in case ERPNext was using the local system time in some manner).

Any insight as to why this may be, and how I may fix this? I have tried restarting the system and I have updated all platforms to no avail.

Thank you everyone,


Any potential insights?

I’ve had this happen to me, and it was the server’s time was off.

Thank you cpurbaugh!

I’ll take a look at that. Much appreciated!

Hi all,

After changing the server time, the problem is still persisting. My server, system, and user time are all set to EST. Any ideas what else I could try?

Server Time

System Time

User time

All of my timestamps look like this, “in 9 hours” when I create the record:

Hi everyone,

although I changed the time on the server, I actually had to restart the entire server. It is fine now upon restart!