Timezone of `modified` field changed after submit Purchase Receipt

When I submit Purchase Receipt, /api/method/frappe.desk.form.save.savedocs been called and the post data is below (I remove irrelevant fields)

  "items": [
  "buying_price_list": "Standard Buying",
  "doctype": "Purchase Receipt",
  "posting_date": "2020-02-29",
  "status": "Draft",
  "creation": "2020-02-29 15:42:31.056027",
  "modified": "2020-02-29 15:42:31.056027",
  "__last_sync_on": "2020-02-29T07:42:32.025Z"

After submit, modified field in table tabPurchase Receipt been 2020-02-29 07:42:43.000000 which timezone changed.

How to fix that?


Resolved this problem, it’s because modified filed depend on DB timezone setting.

Set DB default timezone to UTC+8, after submit the modified field is correct.